Facebook Grows Their Video Presence; Go Update Your Cover NOW!

July 21st, 2017 Posted by Social Media No Comment yet
While we have other video platforms like YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook continues to be the king of (longer) video for businesses.

Facebook prefers that users upload the video directly to their platform, rather than linking from YouTube or other websites. To entice users to do this, videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook have a higher organic reach (not paid), than those that are linked.  Also, if you upload your videos directly to Facebook it also gives you a preview of the video without audio, unlike if you try to link to YouTube.

In late 2015, Facebook took video a bit further and introduced GIF profile images. Unfortunately this is just for personal pages and not business pages (yet?).

For businesses, the hot new feature is the cover video! If you haven’t uploaded your video yet, go do it. It’s super easy and SHOULD be available to all pages. Facebook began rolling out the video covers earlier this year in stages, but it seems that everyone now has the option.

The video can be anywhere from 20-90 seconds and should be 820×312 pixels to fit perfectly. If you already have a video created and don’t want to have a new one made, try it out and see how it fits. There are options to reposition and it may work with a video you already have in your library. Videos can have sound, but the user will have to click the sound activate button on the lower right hand corner of the banner to hear it, it doesn’t automatically start.

This feature is great to increase engagement on your page! It catches the users attention the minute they go to your page and it’s a great way to introduce your company. Here is an example of one of our clients video cover, https://www.facebook.com/weVENTURE/.

As video continues to grow in popularity, don’t forget that you don’t need professional video ALL the time. It’s great to have a few professional videos, but we would all go broke if that’s all we did. Use the technology at your fingertips (with your fingertips!) to create fun and captivating video. Utilize apps like Instagram video, Facebook Live, Twitter’s video option, Snapchat, Dubsmash, etc. to grab your audiences attention. Putting a human face to your company is so important and allows your audience to KNOW you and your company.

Here is a list of the 10 best apps for video editing on your mobile devices, https://www.stuff.tv/features/10-best-video-editing-apps-mobile.Before you start the weekend, do yourself a favor and update your cover video image. It’s a FREE and easy way to engage your audience!

Tina Lange, APR, is the Owner and Chief Strategist of Strategic Ink Public Relations. She holds 20 years of Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing expertise in both corporate and agency environments and is the past president of the Florida Public Relations Association Space Coast Chapter. Tina has worked with high profile brands such as Space Florida, FLORIDA TODAY and Boeing. Tina holds her B.A. in Communications from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is accredited in public relations. When not hard at work, Tina is spending time with her two wonderful children Alex and Sam, promoting the Arts in Brevard, and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, snowboarder and ukulele player!



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