How Internal Communications Strengthens Your Brand

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Employees are your brand ambassadors, so it’s important that they properly represent your company. Look at bigger brands like Disney or Chick-Fil-A. What stands out about them, and why they are successful? Is it a good marketing campaign? Maybe. Or is it their outstanding customer service, and incredibly loyal and excited employees? I think a big part of it is the latter, which is why internal communication and culture is so vital to your marketing efforts.


One thing you should do is arm your employees with the right information. If you have a new campaign starting, then make sure they have all the facts they need. For example, if your business is a public attraction, then giving your sales and customer service team a well-designed and outlined fact sheet about a new discount or ride will allow them to better serve your customers. This same concept applies to any business model. Giving all of your employees the right information keeps them on the same page and boosts their confidence in the company.

On that same note, if you have a new product coming out (new roller coaster, new menu items, etc), then allow your employees to experience it first! Not only will this give you great insight into the product and any potential issues, but it helps them feel involved and better arms them to sell it to the public.

And that brings me to hearing their feedback. While you can’t ask for everyone’s opinion on everything, you can hold regular meetings and give them the floor. What ideas do they have to promote or better the business? Allowing them to be part of the brainstorming will make them feel valued and proud to work for you.

Another big part of internal communication is the work culture. Create a fun and welcoming environment for your employees. Celebrate their successes, and show them you appreciate their hard work. You can do this by holding annual office parties, recognizing a particular employee in front of their peers or even featuring them on social media (when appropriate).


There are many ways to build your brand, but it all stems back to your employees, so make sure you are giving them all the news first, and celebrating their contributions. Make them proud to work for your company.

If you have any more questions about internal communications, then comment below!

Tina Lange, APR, is the Owner and Chief Strategist of Strategic Ink Public Relations. She holds 20 years of Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing expertise in both corporate and agency environments and is the past president of the Florida Public Relations Association Space Coast Chapter. Tina has worked with high profile brands such as Space Florida, FLORIDA TODAY and Boeing. Tina holds her B.A. in Communications from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is accredited in public relations. When not hard at work, Tina is spending time with her two wonderful children Alex and Sam, promoting the Arts in Brevard, and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, snowboarder and ukulele player!



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