Tyvak Nanosatellites is a wholly owned subsidiary of Terran Orbital Corporation in Irvine, California. Tyvak develops nanosats and cubesats for the U.S. government, NASA, the European Space Agency and commercial customers across the globe. In addition to nanosatellite design and manufacturing, Tyvak offers full-service support for customers, providing everything from engineering and testing support to software development, vehicle/bus manufacturing, data collection and analysis and even launch insurance.

Tyvak is based in Irvine but also has a new European office in Turin, Italy. The company won some high-profile government demonstration contracts to date and seeks to expand its commercial and government customer base through strategic PR, Marketing and social media activity.

Strategic Ink has been working with Tyvak for a few years now, helping the organization develop its public-facing brands, seeking out industry event speaking opportunities for Tyvak leadership and securing high-profile editorial content in publications like Space News and SatMagazine to help the company expand its influence among targets globally.

SIPR has developed a wide range of marketing collateral for the company, including investment round pitch packages, booklets/brochures, fact sheets and much more. Prior to working with SIPR, Tyvak didn’t leverage social media activity at all. Today, we’ve garnered a growing qualified following for the company through Twitter and LinkedIn.

SIPR is now developing a series of monthly blogs and videos tied to the many uses of cubesat technology.