Facebook Grows Their Video Presence; Go Update Your Cover NOW!

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While we have other video platforms like YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook continues to be the king of (longer) video for businesses.

Facebook prefers that users upload the video directly to their platform, rather than linking from YouTube or other websites. To entice users to do this, videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook have a higher organic reach (not paid), than those that are linked.  Also, if you upload your videos directly to Facebook it also gives you a preview of the video without audio, unlike if you try to link to YouTube.


How Internal Communications Strengthens Your Brand

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Employees are your brand ambassadors, so it’s important that they properly represent your company. Look at bigger brands like Disney or Chick-Fil-A. What stands out about them, and why they are successful? Is it a good marketing campaign? Maybe. Or is it their outstanding customer service, and incredibly loyal and excited employees? I think a big part of it is the latter, which is why internal communication and culture is so vital to your marketing efforts.


Tools for Garnering Press Coverage

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If you are not a public relations professional or a high-profile CEO, chances are you don’t have close relationships with the journalists you are trying to reach. While relationships are key to garnering press coverage for you or your business, there are a few tools out there that can help you pitch news, position you as an expert and build those relationships.


New in Social Media: Facebook Pixel, iMessage for Businesses and Facebook Inbox

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We finally have a break from the constant downpour on the Space Coast today, and the sunshine is the perfect segway into a great weekend. Before we all check out to relax, let’s take a look at some the new things happening on social media.


Social media Updates

The Importance of Media Relationships When Pitching a Story

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Social media Updates

As a small business, or any business for that matter, you want your customers and potential customers to be aware when you launch a new service, are hosting an event or even hire a rockstar employee. All of these things create positive brand recognition and awareness, increasing the volume of your business.

So how do you make this happen? Press releases, right?

Pitching a story to media may seem like an easy task, but it’s garnering coverage that’s the hard part. It’s funny, being in the public relations industry, we always hear, “Oh yeah, we do our own press releases and distribute them to our lists.” Well, guys, times have changed. It’s not all about press releases any more.


How To Measure Your Public Relations Value

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“Brands are built on what people are saying about you, not what you’re saying about yourself.” – Guy Kawasaski

According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) – Public Relations (or PR) is “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” This is done via a wide variety of communications tools, from media exposure to strategic social media content and interaction, blogging, e-newsletters, case studies, marketing collateral and much more, depending on the goals of the business. All of these tools are designed with the goal of building better relationships between the business and their customers and prospective customers.


Public Relations FAQs

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What can public relations do for a small business?

Small business owners who decide to handle their own PR typically focus on advertising, since it is more familiar. Being more affordable than advertising, PR is also more effective at raising awareness for a company. While advertising focuses on selling directly to customers, PR gains media coverage, improves public perception and endorsements. This way, public relations can gain a business credibility.


Creating a Facebook AD Campaign in Mailchimp

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Hey there, web world. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but that just means we are SUPER busy with our clients. And that’s never a bad thing. The weather on the Space Coast this weekend has me as chipper as ever, and I know my plans include being outside a lot over the next two days.

Before you slip away into endless sunlight and margaritas, I want to share a cool update that happened in the social media world recently. MailChimp announced a new feature in March that allows users to now create Facebook Ads on their platform.


5 web design trends to know for 2017

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In this post, I’ll show you five trends to be on the lookout for in web design this year. These days, most websites follow many of the same templates. This makes it more important than ever for designers and developers to break the mold and create unique, bold visual layouts in 2017. With a focus on enhanced user experience and a creative approach, you can really “wow” your visitors and stand apart from the competition. (more…)

How to Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy

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It’s common for a company’s customers or potential clients to follow the company’s Twitter or Facebook accounts, so it’s crucial for every business to take advantage of this opportunity to interact with and attract new followers. Social media is a great way to build your brand.


How to Easily Increase Engagement on LinkedIn

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Often, because we are in the profession of keeping up with social media trends and new ways to engage users, we forget the easiest ways to utilize our social platforms. (more…)

7 Tips For Pitching the Media

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In order to gain coverage for your company, you must start with a pitch to the media. If a pitch isn’t compelling and intriguing, then you’ll have a challenging time capturing a journalist’s attention, who likely receives hundreds of pitches a week. You must tell your story briefly, be informative and keep your pitch tailored to a target audience. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you write your pitch.


How To Make A Great Video Ad Campaign on Twitter

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Recently, Twitter has been pushing video ad campaigns as a way to draw more attention to your boosted tweet. There are a few reasons why video may be a better tactic for businesses looking to increase brand awareness.


Do I need marketing or PR for my business?

Do I Need Marketing or PR for My Business?

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Today, if you’re a business owner or a corporate communications director, it can be difficult to determine where exactly to spend your limited marketing budget. First, if you don’t know how much money you should be spending on promotion annually, the 10%-15% rule is in effect, regardless of the size of you business. That means you should plan to utilize about 10-15% of your annual budget for marketing and promotion of your business, products and/or services. (more…)

5 Tips to Make Your Business PR Great

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Last Friday was my month-a-versary with Strategic Ink Public Relations! Beginning my first PR internship, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but meeting owner Ms. Tina Lange and learning from account executive Ms. Sarah Hansen, I’ve absorbed a ton of information already.


4 steps to get your SEO and Digital PR working together

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In today’s evolving digital landscape, we see a lot of professions borrowing skillsets. SEO (search engine optimization) and Digital PR is a perfect example of this in practice. (more…)

9 Tips for Writing a Good Blog for your Business

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As business’ blogs become more popular, there are 9 tips to keep in mind when crafting one for your company. These tips ensure an effective blog post that will expose the best of your business.


Are you Using LinkedIn to Its Full Potential?

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The first week back at the office after a long holiday break is never easy, but this is one read I don’t want you to yawn through before kicking off the weekend. It’s funny. This week I noticed my clients had a ton of engagement and interaction happening on their LinkedIn pages (companies and personal). Did everyone really miss work that much? Probably not, but LinkedIn is a great place to go to catch up on the news and business trends of a new year after some time off. (more…)

Some PR Advice for Trump & His Team

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I’m a huge fan of Saturday Night Live and to be honest, one of the biggest personal benefits of a Trump presidency (at least so far) has been seeing how the SNL cast will play off of his weekly PR snafus every Saturday night.

In last week’s episode, comedian Aziz Ansari was the guest host of SNL and he concluded his monologue with these words, “If you’re excited about Trump, let’s hope he does a great job. If you’re worried, you’re going to be ok too. If you look at our country’s history, change comes from large groups of angry people, and if day 1 is any indication, we’re all going to be just fine.” (more…)

A Major Trend to Anticipate in 2017: Shifting Focus from Company Websites to Social Network Pages

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Although a company website is a reliable place to find information, social media is quickly becoming a popular place for consumers to access information about a business. If you target a younger audience, then you may want to consider creating a business social page. Almost every well-known company manages its own social media page, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Consider this: would an artist trying to sell his work showcase at a popular art gallery or expect potential buyers to just come to his home? The gallery (social network pages) allows people to easily access and become familiar with the artist (company) in a trusted and popular way, as opposed to going out of their way to obtain information on it.


The Trump Effect on Twitter

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How should a company or celebrity act on Twitter? The answer has always been “polite, considerate, careful…” Many adhere to these rules since one wrong move can go viral, bringing negative press in just seconds. There are a few out there who go against these rules, and the most popular person as of late is none other than president-elect Donald Trump.

If you don’t know how bold Trump is on Twitter, then you should take the time to look at his tweets. A lot of people disagree with his use of Twitter, and not just because he makes rash statements, but because he tends to make big announcements via Twitter like his opinions on foreign policy. Specifically, last month he was criticized for saying the “U.S. should greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capacity until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nuclear weapons (ABC News).”


Instagram Live Is Here!

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The holidays are right around the corner- only 10 days until Christmas! I hope you’ve finished your shopping because it will probably be a mad house out there. Before we slip into the glorious weekend, I’m going to talk about the latest social media news.

If you are on Instagram, then go ahead and download the recent update, because they rolled out their newest feature “Instagram Live” earlier this week. I’m not completely surprised that Instagram added a live feature, since they are owned by Facebook, who has been pushing “Facebook Live” hard the past few months. This also follows the recent added feature of Instagram Stories.


Why You Should Utilize LinkedIn SlideShare For Your Business

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Happy Friday! It’s been busy here at Strategic Ink, which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while. The holidays are upon us, and the weather finally dropped below 60 degrees for those of us here in Florida- AKA scarf and boots weather. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be spending the weekend getting Christmas gifts together (oh, and also getting a massage).

Today, I want to talk about LinkedIn SlideShare. Are you using  SlideShare yet? Well, if not, I’m here to tell you why it’s not only a tool for viewing and sharing presentations, but it’s also a great way to get exposure for your company.


Do Not Judge a Story by Its Headline

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Poor Facebook has taken a beating this week. Anyone who watches the news (safer than reading it these days, apparently) has seen that Facebook has been attacked for reporting “fake news.”

Seriously? Fake news? Since when should a social network be responsible for being accurate when it comes to reporting news? Have we become that lazy of a society? It is crucial, especially when representing a brand, to take the time to click through and read the article to see what it’s actually about.


Tips for Managing a Crisis on Social

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I recently attended an event with the Space Coast chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association. The speaker, Tara Settembre, discussed managing crises on social media. I’d like to review some key takeaways from the presentation. Here are tips on how to manage an influx of negative comments that can come on social during a crisis, and keep it from getting out of control.


Geofilters; Creating Brand Awareness on Snapchat

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So even though I am a little old (self-proclaimed) for Snapchat, I have a young sister, cousins and friends who are Snapchat mavens and for me to remain cool to them, I need to snap. My snaps may not be as original as theirs, but I will tell you they are entertaining if you enjoy seeing toddler doing insane things or a newborn baby doing “funny faces” (filters).
Anyway, geofilters have come up a lot lately. Last weekend my cousin got married in Islamorada and we had a personalized filter (see photo on left) with the location, date and their names. SO. MUCH. FUN. The selfie stick definitely came in handy.


Content Marketing: Quality vs. Quantity

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There’s an awful lot of talk lately about the importance of “Content Marketing” lately and there are many small agencies and consultants taking advantage of it. Most businesses, regardless of their size, now understand the importance of utilizing social media to communicate with their target audiences. Most businesses also realize the time drain that developing fresh content everyday can cause on PR and marketing staff members, so it’s becoming more and more common for those companies to outsource their social media content strategy. (more…)

Baby Bye Bye Vine, “Spectacles” by Snap & Increasing Facebook Engagement

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Happy Friday to the digital world! Since Angelica is soaking up some serious sun in the Keys this week, I’ll be handling your social media updates. This week we got some big news… the Vine mobile app is permanently shutting down. But why? I’ll give you the scoop on that plus Snapchat’s rebranding and increasing engagement on Facebook through video!


Our Digital World & How to Win the Case for Social

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Good afternoon, ghosts and goblins! Fall is in full swing and most of us are preparing for a spooky weekend filled with way too much pumpkin flavored food and a fast approaching sugar high (not sure about you all, but I will definitely be stealing the majority of my 3 year old’s candy).


Social Spending; How Much Is Enough?

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This week I am taking a break from sharing social media news and tips to focus on social spending. How much do you think you should be spending on social media advertising and promotion as a small-to-midsize business?

This is a topic that we have been thinking about a lot lately. We understand that as a small-to-midsize business your budget doesn’t have a lot of room in it for social media advertising, but organic reach just isn’t doing it anymore.


How To Grow Your Twitter Following Organically

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It’s easy to put down money for Twitter advertising, and you may see a spike in followers, but take a closer look at those followers. It’s likely you’ll find quite a few spam accounts are included. Increasing your Twitter following organically, or unpaid, is a better way to gain more QUALIFIED followers in the long run.

Gaining followers organically will take a little longer than it would through paid ads, so be sure to give your company a few months to start seeing results. This length of time may increase depending on how niche your market is. (more…)

Weekly Social Media Blog: SlideShare on LinkedIn, How to Reach Millennials, Periscope Producer and Top Times to Post

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So I am not sure about you, but it was a pretty crazy week of catch up and clean up over here! During Matthew’s temper tantrum last week, we were reminded the important role social media now has in our everyday lives and how useful it is during a crisis. From checking local emergency management pages for updates, to marking yourself as safe, social media has changed the way we live. 


What Warrants A Press Release?

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When completely engrossed in your company, you may often forget to take off the rose-colored glasses and see things more objectively. This is especially true with press releases. It can be difficult determining what is or is not newsworthy, but that’s one of the many benefits of hiring an outside public relations agency. They can provide insight on best topics for press releases. In the meantime, I’ll review some of the topics that warrant a press release and the right questions to ask when determining this yourself. (more…)

Weekly Social Media Blog: Facebook’s Inflate-Gate, Twitter Isn’t Old News, How to Make the Most of Moments and Facebook At Work!

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Hi all you social media loving geniuses out there! I am back from a brief leave (something they call having a little human) and excited to again share all latest digital trends with you on our precious Friday afternoons.
Even though election season and political rhetoric may have taken over your social media feeds, there still are other things happening out there. As we reported the past few weeks, Twitter’s character count has relaxed a bit. Personally I couldn’t be more grateful as it has made our job so much easier. How has it changed your experience?

How to Create a Brand Style Guide

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If you’re a small business, having a brand style guide is important to ensure consistent marketing and communications activities. Specifically, it helps keep graphics and messaging in sync across all communications platforms, especially if you have a large staff or an agency managing your PR, social media and/or marketing efforts. The guide helps you to create a uniform brand that anyone could recognize in any medium. Think about popular commercials. How often can you identify the brand before they even show a logo or say the name? This is because bigger corporations have strict brand style guides that they stick to. And you should too! (more…)

Weekly Social Media Blog: Twitter Increases Character Limit , Fandango Teams-up With Snapchat, and 12 Huge Social Media Blunders.

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Well folks, it’s that time for me to wish you those bittersweet goodbyes I promised you. But never fear, Angelica is back to keep you informed on all the latest and greatest in the social media world. For all of  you who have been following along…Thank you! Be sure to check-in with us next week to see what Angelica has in store for you. Until then, read about the the increase to Twitter’s character limit and if you’ve only got time for two, read the one about social media blunders also. (more…)

The Future of Public Relations

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Public relations has a come a long way in the past 30 years. Many remember when press releases were written on a typewriter and faxed to media, or interviews were taken using a tape recorder. And of course, print was king- people still read the newspapers every morning and ordered monthly magazine subscriptions.


Weekly Social Media Blog: NFL Games Livestreamed on Social, How & Why to Create an Employee Social Media Advocacy Program, How Social Media Has Changed Business Forever.

September 16th, 2016 Posted by Social Media, Social Media Tips No Comment yet

So it’s finally happened. One of the Big Three will now be live streaming NFL games.The last bastion of cable-only TV has fallen. Makes me wonder about what the future might hold for cable networks. The other piece of really big new this week, Facebook has made it possible for users to buy and sell things directly through the platform. Also, be sure to read about how to leverage your employee’s personal connections to build engagement on your business’s social media platforms. (more…)

5 FREE Tools to Get Your Content Marketing Up and Running

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is all the rave these days. For those of you who don’t know. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.  (more…)

How to Create an Infographic using Canva

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Graphic design is all around us. In our visual society, it’s important to incorporate graphic elements into your social posts and overall brand as much as possible. In last week’s blog, I reviewed three of many available options for amateur graphic design- Canva, Fotojet & Stencil.  This week, I’ll walk you through how to make a quick and easy infographic on Canva. At Strategic Ink PR, we use Canva on a daily basis to create infographics, social banners or e-blast headers. It’s really easy to use and you’ll have fun doing it!

Weekly Social Media Blog: Creating Viral Videos, A New Look at Hashtags, and 8 Social Media Networks You Probably Never Heard Of.

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So it seems like for the first time in a long time there aren’t any ground shaking changes coming to any of the major social media networks (except maybe SnapChat, those people sure know how to embrace change), but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn about some news ways to craft our social media content. (more…)

Best Graphic Design Sites for Amateurs

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Hiring a graphic designer for big projects is necessary for your brand to have a professional look and feel. But what about the small projects for newsletter headers, social banners or social posts? It may be hard to justify paying a graphic designer for these smaller elements. Well, in today’s digital world, you don’t have to! There are numerous sites out there that make it easy for amateurs to create great graphic elements for their company.


Making it through a Media Interview

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Understanding proper media etiquette and undergoing media training is important if you’re the spokesperson for your company. While I recommend doing a more in-depth training on-camera to prepare for interviews, I’m reviewing some basic things you can do to cruise through your next media interview. (more…)

Weekly Social Media Blog: How to Increase Your Engagement On Snapchat, Pinterest Adds Video Ads, and a 23-Minute Guide to Instagram Marketing.

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My how the time flies! Can you believe this will be my third blog in this series already? I’m in the groove now and before we know it Angelica will be back and I’ll be writing my bittersweet farewell to you… But until then, here’s our weekly distillation of social media industry news.


Periscope 101: Why Your Company Should Embrace Live Streaming

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While I was attending the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) Annual Conference this week, I took a seat at the Periscope session to learn more about this mysterious social app that popped into the limelight sometime last year. The speaker and travel blogger, Tara Settembre, started off by saying exactly what was on my mind: “When I heard about Periscope, the first thing I thought was ‘great, another social platform to master.’” But Tara’s opinion on Periscope has changed. Now, she uses it to reach thousands of followers and understands how important live streaming is for engagement. (more…)

Weekly Social Media Blog: Twitter Expands Moments Feature, A New Contender Enters The Social Media Arena, and Managing Your Personal Social Media Without Hurting Your Business

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Last week was a busy one for us at SIPR (hence the Monday post!) and in the world of social media as well. Twitter announced an expansion to its “Moments” feature and an upgrade to its analytics package for developers. A unique new social app, Chatter, seeks to further reduce the barrier between celebrity and fan (and raise money for charity in the process). Plus, I found some tips that will allow you to be you on your personal social media, without fear of hurting your business. And then there’s my favorite find of the week, how to access your computer’s built in emoji keyboard!


Weekly Social Media Blog: Facebook’s New Shopping Feature + Instagram and Facebook Copy Snapchat.

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Well TGIF! It’s been a busy week over here for us at SIPR as we prepare for Angelica to take her maternity leave. Be sure to send her your congratulations in the next few weeks! In the meantime, I’ll do my best to fill her shoes and keep you up-to-date with the most important changes in social media.


Great design is no longer a luxury. It’s a business strategy.

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This is true on so many levels. Just take a quick glance at a phone designed by apple or a car built by Mercedes and you undeniably know exactly who is responsible for that product. (more…)

Simple Ways to Improve SEO

Simple Ways to Improve SEO

August 3rd, 2016 Posted by SEO, Social Media No Comment yet

In a world where Google is king and the majority of the population uses it or similar search engines to find information, it’s vital for companies to understand search engine optimization, or as you may know it – SEO. SEO is the visibility of a website in a search engine’s unpaid (and sometimes paid) results. If you’re attempting to enhance the SEO for your company, there are a few quick and simple ways to do that – organically (unpaid). (more…)

Facelift for Pages, Gifs, Digital Customer Service, Twitter Clout & Linkedin Success

Facelift for Pages, Gifs, Digital Customer Service, Twitter Clout & Linkedin Success

July 29th, 2016 Posted by Social Media, Social Media Tips No Comment yet
Well, it’s the morning after Mrs. Bill Clinton, better know as Hillary, accepted the nomination for President of the United States at the Democratic National Convention. No matter what your views, or political affiliation, this was a night for the history books. (more…)
Facelift for Pages, Gifs, Digital Customer Service, Twitter Clout & Linkedin Success

LinkedIn Showcase Pages, Twitter Verification, Facebook Ads and Being HUMAN!

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Apparently it’s Friyyyayyyy! I woke up this morning to a ton of emails in my inbox with the subject using some variation of the word Friday. Strange coincidence that many retailers and even the theSkimm (if you haven’t signed up for this daily email newsletter, you should) were using this tactic to get their readers attention, but obviously it worked.

Weekly Social Media Blog: The Importance of Analyzing Metrics, Crafting Messaging Carefully, Pictures, Video and Pokémon (Yes, Pokémon)

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I would say Happy Friday, but once again we wake up to terrible, senseless tragedy, this time in France. It’s at times like these that many of us take to social media to reach out and share our condolences with those halfway across the world. For this reason, social media is a great outlet. There are always those select few brands and people who post without thinking.
Many people do not understand the importance of the thought that goes into crafting a thoughtful and non-controversial message during times of tragedy. This is more important than you may think. Be personal. Be informed. Show compassion and chose your words carefully. The general public (well, most of them) appreciates knowing there is a personality under that brand.


Repurposing Facebook Live, Your Online Reputation & Social Responsibility

Weekly Social Media Blog: Repurposing Facebook Live, Your Online Reputation & Social Responsibility

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It’s Friday already? Four day weeks certainly do fly by. It can be hard to capture your digital audience’s attention during such a short work week, so you need to be sure you are taking advantage of all the tricks.
Video is the easiest way (by algorithm standards, as well) to catch a social user’s eye. This leaves us with the newest craze, Facebook’s Live feature. Not only is it a trendy new way to share video with the world, it is re-sharable and SHOULD be repurposed!


Weekly Social Media Blog: Snapchat for Business, Facebook Changes Pages Algorithm

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So, last week I talked about disconnecting over the long holiday weekend. How many are up for the challenge? When I say disconnect, I don’t mean completely, because I think it’s impossible to ask the younger generation (including myself) to disconnect from Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram on a holiday weekend when most of us will be sharing patriotic images and moments. Disconnect from email. And only pick up your phone if you have an insanely awesome moment to share with the world, then see how you feel Tuesday morning. You may be surprised at how refreshed you are!


Tips for Hosting Flawless Twitter Chats

Tips for Hosting Flawless Twitter Chats

June 27th, 2016 Posted by Social Media Tips No Comment yet

If your business is new to Twitter, then you might not know about the amazing ways to connect on this social platform. Live tweeting is popular for conferences and events, and it’s easy to participate if you use the right hashtags. Another way to get involved and noticed by your target audience on Twitter is by hosting Twitter chats to position yourself as an authority in your industry. (more…)

Weekly Social Media Blog: Live Video, Streaming Video and MORE Video

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Ahhhh…. Friday! I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been a long week on this end. How many of you allow yourselves to unplug on the weekend? As social media and digital media professionals, it’s almost impossible to do. But we’re not the only ones. It seems as though everyone is addicted to their email. So maybe it’s time to try and challenge yourself to unplug this weekend… After reading this week’s social media news from me, of course! If not this weekend, definitely give it a try next weekend for the 4th! (more…)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Social Media This Week…

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This week we saw the good, the bad and the ugly on social media. We were touched with some amazing, heart-felt outreach from around the world regarding the week’s Orlando tragedies. It was amazing to see the world come together and support our community with kind messages, donations, images and more.
You probably also noticed all the uproar around online bullying. Many social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, have stepped up and are taking action against online bullies. Keep an eye out, the others will most likely follow suit.


Press release tips

Tips for Writing a Great Press Release

June 13th, 2016 Posted by Press Releases, Public Relations No Comment yet

Writing and distributing a press release is a traditional part of good public relations. There is a general flow and format to most press releases that make writing a release easy. The problem is that everyone uses a similar format and the media get hundreds of pitches and emails (that look nearly identical) every day. Thought-provoking content (and a killer headline) is what will make your press release stand out among the noise. Here are some tips to help you focus in and write an eye-catching release.

First and foremost, focus on the headline. The headline should summarize the most newsworthy element of the release in a few words. Make your headline engaging, but not too overly “flowery” – a press release isn’t really a “creative writing” exercise. (more…)

Weekly Social news: Twitter hack, Facebook video comments & Our new friend pablo

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It’s June! This month we celebrate Social Media Day (#SMDay) on June 30. How will you celebrate? Maybe brush up on some of your skills? In this digital age, it is so crucial that you at least know the basics of social to help your business grow. No time for that? No worries, we are here everyFriday to keep you up-to-date on what the heck is happening in the social realm!


This week’s social top 5

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It’s that time again..FRIDAY! It certainly came quick this week. Friday mornings are my time to catch up on the weekly craziness of the social media realm so that you don’t have to. So…what happened this week?


Weekly Social News: Twitter, instagram, oh my!

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Word on the street is that Twitter’s 140-character limit may be a bit more relaxed very soon…Although Twitter has yet to respond, Bloomberg reported earlier this week that Twitter will keep photos and links from counting against the 140-character limit of a post! (more…)

New grads in the workplace. Know your worth, negotiate.

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First things first, it’s an employer’s market. The unemployment rate of new college grads is high, about 9% — and underemployment, which means you are overqualified for the position, is even higher: above 18%. This is why upon receiving your first job offer you shouldn’t jump the gun and accept.


linkedin discussion groups

The Power Of LinkedIn Discussion Groups

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Although LinkedIn is considered a social media network, it’s still very different from the others. LinkedIn is space for networking and connecting with potential business partners. It’s a place to share and discuss thoughts, ideas and articles with your business peers. It is also a platform that enables you and your company to serve as an information resource in your industry.

In order to utilize LinkedIn to its fullest potential, your company should be joining relevant discussion groups, and participating in those group discussions regularly. (more…)

Tips for Daily Social Media Management

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Social media is a vital piece in today’s marketing efforts. It allows you to create brand awareness without the high costs associated with traditional advertising. Most companies have a social media specialist or agency handling their accounts. The social media market is constantly evolving, which makes the job of daily social media management time consuming. Getting a routine in place is important because consistency is crucial to your followers. Here are some tips for making the most of your time when managing daily social. (more…)

Keeping Up With Social Media Changes in Your Business

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Keeping up with social media news is a daily task. With all the evolving and new platforms it’s not easy, but that’s what we’re here to help with.

This week for example, although there was no Earth-shattering news in the social media world, there were some changes that may affect the way you do business. Take five minutes today to catch up on the top social media nuggets this week. (more…)

The Business of Social

“The Business of Social”

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I’m hopeful that most businesses understand the value of social media at this point. Simply put – there is no single advertising or marketing method that can reach more qualified people than social. None!

Now that we got that over with – one of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make is to hand their social media content strategy over to junior-level staff (or worse, interns!). Now trust me, I LOVE interns and junior level executives, but let’s take a moment to think about what you’re really doing here. (more…)

It’s All About Imagery

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Having an eye for the visual is going to be a critical skillset for all communications professionals in the years to come. Every post to social media should have an image these days to get eyeballs, live streaming is becoming more and more of an everyday marketing technique and people are already trying to imagine what the virtual reality pitch looks like. For these reasons, it’s more important than ever to be able to snap a good photo and have a basic understanding of videoography best practices when marketing your business. Here are some tips to help catch you up on the basics and some guesses at what the future of visual communication might look like. (more…)

Social Bubble

Strategic Communication Planning Trends in 2016

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The needs and preferences of target audiences change and shift as humans develop new ways to communicate with each other. Communications professionals are experiencing huge disruptions to the way they conduct business with traditional media outlets and customers.

Having a strategic communication plan can help you to stay ahead of the curve and minimize the effects these disruptions have on your communication channels. An essential consideration of a quality communication plan are the current trends in the public relations industry. These are the trends we are keeping an eye on in 2016. (more…)

A seat at the table: Once you get there, now what?

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“Power is the ability to impact with purpose, it’s a definition that many woman covet.” – Oprah Winfrey

For most of my career, there was significant dialogue within the public relations world – a field largely dominated by women – about doing what it takes to “get a seat at the executive table.” It was a real challenge for us for many years … the topic of multiple PR Association annual conference breakout sessions, to be sure.

Today, as I look at the board makeup of my clients, I notice that in many businesses, we’ve jumped that initial hurdle. There are plenty of women around the table. Assuming this trend continues – assuming that women continue to work hard to gain those boardroom seats – the question now becomes, what will you DO with it once you have it? (more…)

4 Things To Consider Before You Hire a PR Agency

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Deciding whether or not your company should hire a public relations agency? It’s a decision corporate chiefs and successful business owners will undoubtedly have to make at some point, and one not be taken lightly. Before you begin working with a PR agency, you should be able to answer the following questions:


word-of-mouth 2.0

Word-Of-Mouth 2.0 has arrived

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Technology is changing our lives at an ever increasing rate. Every day you hear about another app or platform that you should familiarize yourself with.It used to be that great customer service and word-of-mouth were all that you needed to keep yourself in the green…

And that’s still true. It’s how people are spreading the word that has changed. (more…)

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How to stay relevant in the social media world, Don’t get too comfortable

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I spend a fair amount of time teaching clients and other business owners about the latest developments in the social media world.

At 41, I’m not the youngest person trying to keep up to speed with the ever-changing world of social media, but I likely spend more time than the average Joe chasing knowledge on the topic. Why? My clients, first and foremost. They hire us to communicate to their clients, customers, members and stakeholders, and social media is undoubtedly the single-fastest, most-targeted way to do that. (more…)

The Edge: Need a cheerleader? Do it yourself

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“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you are right.” — Henry Ford

We are all wired differently. I admire strong women who run businesses and seem to remain confident in all things. These women persevere. I see them at community events, heads held high, smiles bright, they seem untouchable. I want that!

I often wonder if these women have had the same moments I have. Moments of self-doubt, wondering if their business will survive, making mistakes and beating themselves up over them. I’m sure they have, yet they march on, setting examples for the rest of us.


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