How To Make A Great Video Ad Campaign on Twitter

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Recently, Twitter has been pushing video ad campaigns as a way to draw more attention to your boosted tweet. There are a few reasons why video may be a better tactic for businesses looking to increase brand awareness.

More Engaging: People are getting used to seeing sponsored posts and unless your text/image is striking, then more than likely people will scroll on past your boosted tweet. Videos- if done right- can draw more attention to the ad and potentially make them “stop the scroll” and pay attention to your post. According to Twitter, people respond 2x more to video than to text/images, and video is shared 6x more than photos.

Video Sticks with the User: Again, if done correctly, videos can make a bigger impact on your followers, leaving an imprint of your brand in their mind. In Twitter’s video instructional, it says that users recall brands 116% more after seeing a video. Promoting videos on Twitter also lands your ad in relevant feeds and potentially sparks conversation by encouraging users to tweet about your video.

How can you create an awesome, resonating video campaign on Twitter?

  • Making a video that “stops the scroll” starts with the hook. If it’s taking 20 seconds to get to the exciting portion, then you’re doing it wrong. The hook should appear within the first few seconds to draw the user in.
  • Next, utilize editing for these short videos. If the video is a nonstop feed of someone talking, no one is going to watch that, but if there is a blend of fast-paced cuts and music then it will appear more engaging.
  • Make sure your brand is called out immediately in some form. For instance, how many times have you seen a video or commercial for Target that you can identify before you even see their logo? By establishing a specific style for your videos, you’ll be drawing attention to your brand before the logo appears.
  • Don’t rely on sound. Utilize captions and images that speak for themselves. Still have sound in the video, but use it as a backup with the visual aspect being the primary focus.

Are you ready to put together a video campaign for Twitter? Twitter’s introduction to videos walks you through why you should do it and how to get started. Check out their resources and start creating some great video campaigns!

Tina Lange, APR, is the Owner and Chief Strategist of Strategic Ink Public Relations. She holds 20 years of Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing expertise in both corporate and agency environments and is the past president of the Florida Public Relations Association Space Coast Chapter. Tina has worked with high profile brands such as Space Florida, FLORIDA TODAY and Boeing. Tina holds her B.A. in Communications from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is accredited in public relations. When not hard at work, Tina is spending time with her two wonderful children Alex and Sam, promoting the Arts in Brevard, and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, snowboarder and ukulele player!



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